I support people and teams in a wide variety of transformation processes, based on my professional skills, my expertise and my own transformative consciousness experiences: In the process of transformation and integration, when experiencing a growing disorientation in one's own being or as a conversation partner about consciousness, aging, nothingness, dementia, involution & evolution or the like. 

Transformation & Integration

Transformation processes in general and integration processes during and after extraordinary experiences of consciousness, especially when they seem to come as a surprise, can prove to be challenging paths. I have experienced the loneliness and temporary confusion on such a path myself and accompany you here as a dialogue and reflection partner when needed, as it often only requires the knowledge of not being completely alone and being able to communicate even the seemingly strangest thoughts to someone who can listen to them non-judgementally and classify them as a normal experience of human existence based on their own similar experiences.

(Dis)Orientation in One's Own Being

I accompany people who notice signs of disorientation in their own being and in relation to the world or who have been diagnosed with dementia - as a person who knows the possibly confusing accompanying symptoms of an increasing dissolution of the "I" from their own, albeit somewhat different, experience. 


If you

  • have received a diagnosis of dementia and are unsettled by it,
  • notice signs of (increasing) disorientation in your own being (Who am I?),
  • notice signs of disorientation in relation to this world (Where am I right now? What situation am I in right now? What did I just want to do and why? 
  • notice that there are increasingly moments in which you "look into the void" or, after a certain period of time, do not know what happened during this time and what you were thinking about, 
  • you had unusual experiences of consciousness in the past, e.g. in childhood, which you could not report to anyone and therefore tried to suppress the memory of them again and again, but this was not really possible,

then a conversation with me or longer support from me could possibly be helpful for you. 


In the context of incipient but increasing disorientation or dementia, I have found that it is (also) about (re)finding orientation in one's own being and strengthening and stabilizing the experience of "I am" as much as possible. This is the central aspect of the support I can offer you. 


This is not a therapy, but should be understood as a kind of coaching - possibly as an accompanying measure to other interventions such as conventional medical therapy, psychotherapy, dietary changes and targeted physical exercise. 


A general note: For people on a spiritual path who notice persistent signs of disorientation, I strongly advise against awareness practices that focus on an experience of emptiness or a dissolution of the ego, at least for the time being, and instead recommend  contemplative techniques stabilizing the experience of "I am" or metta practice with a focus on self-compassion. 


Private and professional caregivers

I also offer similar support for family members and professional caregivers, in this case with a dual focus: on their own transformation, which happens in and through the support, and on the process in which the person being supported finds themselves. Accompanying a person with dementia, with a serious illness or in the dying process requires a pronounced empathy for the inner and outer world of the person being accompanied and a great openness to one's own developmental issues and shadow work; I support and accompany both, including the balance between the two aspects. 


Couples, families & communities

This support can also be provided jointly for couples in which one of the two partners is in a process of increasing disorientation in their own being, or for families and communities, who are accompanying a person on this path.

Conversation partner

I am a conversation partner for interested people on topics such as those presented on this website:

  • Conscious ageing
  • Dementia transcendence
  • Transpersonal gerontology
  • Experience of nothingness
  • Evolution and involution
  • or related topics

These conversations are initially completely open - you decide, for example, whether you want to 

  • want to talk and reflect more about current or past, possibly transgenerational aspects of your life,
  • want to hear from me about my own experiences and perspectives,
  • want to be accompanied with questions in your transformation or integration process, 
  • have suggestions and exchanges about your typological being in this world (e.g. from Gene Keys, Astrology, Human Design)
  • or simply want to be in a flowing exchange with me.  

If you wish, we can refer to the conversations as supervision or coaching and give the process an appropriate direction. 


I do not offer psychotherapy or acute crisis intervention. For this I refer to therapists who are particularly familiar with spiritual crises or transpersonal therapists, ideally also with an awareness of the possible proximity of certain spiritual experiences and dementia, if such a connection could be possible in your case.