„I have always imagined Paradise will be a kind of Library.“

 Jorge Luis Borges


Libraries have always been special places for me, where my thoughts and dreams found new nourishment and from where I was able to discover new worlds through the books that found their way to me there. I wrote my diploma thesis in educational science on a reception theory approach to socialization through literature, which introduced me to Wolfgang Iser's blank space theory, an approach that gave me insights into the construction of reality that I only became aware of much later. Today I know from experience that texts can enable us to switch back and forth between dimensions of consciousness: for example, with appropriate contemplative immersion in the text before us, we can succeed in getting behind the words to places of knowledge or other areas of experience that can change our lives gradually over time or radically. 


My spiritual tradition is inquiry, science and my spiritual practice is the contemplation of scientific texts - because you can also contemplate scientific texts, and I suspect that many scientists have had deep insights into the nature of this existence in this way, which they may not always have made public.


For the time being, I only maintain the entries in my library on the German page and ask English-speaking visitors to my website to look there if they are interested. 


What you will find here, however, is the translation of my Masterthesis in Gerontology from 2011 on an Integral Dementia Concept - and my current bookshelf - some books that inspire me or that I work with.