Consciousness - Conscious Being

When I reflect on my life so far, I often wonder when it began that I was consciously concerned with what consciousness is, and can't really grasp it. And this, I suspect, is symptomatic of everyone who wants to understand why they are conscious and what consciousness actually is: 


Where do my thoughts come from, where does my consciousness come from? Does it come from me, from my body, from my brain? Or does it come from some other source? And when did I start asking myself these kinds of questions? 


On one level, we are all consciousness researchers, just more or less conscious. 


Already at the beginning of my professional career as an educationalist, the topic "How I became what I am" was very present, and when only a short time later dementia found me as a professional topic (and has not let go until today), the topic of consciousness and being conscious - or unconscious - captivated me more and more, until my experience of nothingness, which triggered a complete paradigm shift, to put it scientifically, in my conscious being and in my life. 


This section of my website serves to describe my findings about consciousness and will be filled successively.