Involution & Evolution of Consciousness

The classical scientific understanding of evolution is based on a more or less linear ‘theory of development’, similar to the writing of history, according to which all material existence in the universe develops from the Big Bang and unfolds through increasing differentiation, in the biological field through mutation and selection, among other things, as the variety of forms of existence that we can observe in our immediate environment, on this planet and in the entire cosmos in the present day. The Big Bang in itself, according to the prevailing theory, is based on the principle of ‘creatio ex nihilo’, creation out of nothing.

After my experience of nothingness, my perspective on this world changed and I began to look for explanations to the question: ‘How does the world come into being?’ My own initial confusion about my experience was guided by the understanding of involution and evolution, the assumption in various mystical and philosophical traditions that the unfolding process of this existence, evolution, must have been preceded by a folding-in process, involution. I now assume that the principle of involution can be described not only in terms of the humanities, but also with the findings of neuroscience and quantum science, among other things; however, the elaboration of this thesis naturally proves to be somewhat more complex and probably still requires a little more time.

In my research process over the last few years, an increasingly differentiated model of the involution-evolution cycle of consciousness has emerged over time, which I outline in broad strokes below - I thank the twenty friends who made their way to northern Germany in October 2023 to spend a whole day listening to me unfold these thoughts for the first time. The following graphic summarises roughly a three-hour talk.

I will be happy to present this model and my associated insights - also in connection with the Cosmic Address - in detail in a lecture, or including guided self-reflection and exchange in a seminar.

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