Offers to work or have an exchange with me

If you would like to get in touch with me, talk to me about specific concerns and experiences, let me accompany you on a stage of your life, would like support and exchange on your own path (or that of a relative) with the experience of disorientation or dementia or would like to be coached or supervised in a professional context - then you can find more information here: Accompaniment and coaching


Do you work in a position of responsibility in the health or social care sector and are you looking for an unusual, professionally sound perspective on dementia and consciousness, consciousness development in general or spirituality in the care or health sector? Then you will find an overview of my seminar and supervision topics here. Please consider this as an indicative overview and feel free to contact me if you would like to develop your own seminar topics with me from this range of topics. 


I am happy to give talks and workshops at meetings and conferences on any of the topics I have listed on the website, as well as on other or related topics.


Do you see yourself in a process of "conscious ageing" and are you interested in exchanging ideas about the transformation process in ageing towards conscious ego transcendence in small groups led by me? Are you interested in exploring together with other people "in aging" the question of how we can embody ourselves as "elders", what it means to be an "elder", an "old wise person" and to serve the community and humanity itself with our own life experience and acquired knowledge? I am in the process of developing such concepts - if you are interested in participating in the "prototype", write to me:  


As a "digital nomad" I work mainly online, but I am also flexible to travel to conduct workshops at conferences, all-day supervisions or seminars in person (in Germany or Europe, outside Europe if applicable).



Most of the images on this website were taken during a two-month retreat on the Shetland Islands or on the journey to and from Scotland, others at various locations in the norther parts of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony. The background image and main motif of the website shows the view over Spiggie Bay, taken from Spiggie Beach, Mainland Shetland.